Signs She Wants a Relationship with You: 12 Hints You Can’t Miss!

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For some of us, dating is a breeze. But let’s be honest, in the 21st century, sometimes you need these signs she wants a relationship with you.

What can I say about dating – it’s a lot of work. All the texting, what to say, when to say it, the ghosting, the awkward first kiss. I’ve done it all… and you probably have to. But once you’ve passed all the small talk and getting to know each other moments, you’ve entered into this phase where you either take it to the next level or bail.

And I get it, this is a nerve-wracking moment. Being vulnerable is scary. I mean, what if you want to push the relationship forward, but she doesn’t? Listen, you’ll never know until you try.

Signs she wants a relationship with you

I’m a strong advocate for being honest with yourself. But I get it… you probably want to know some of the signs she wants a relationship with you. Trust me, there will be signs. Subtle, but they’re there. Here they are.

#1 You met her friends. This is obviously a big one. If she invites you out with her friends, she’s testing you. She’s showing you to the group to get their approval.

I mean, if you two were just DTF, her friends know about you, but she’ll never show you to her friends. Why would she? You’re not important. So, if you meet the friends – you’re a somebody.

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